Beginning Sunday 06/21/20, we will begin having ONE CHURCH SERVICE AT 11:00 a.m.  We will continue to follow social distancing and other safety measures as recommended by our state government.

The process will be as follows:

1. Once you arrive at the parking lot of the church, the only doors that you will be able to enter will be the main sanctuary doors. These doors will be standing open until the scheduled time of the service so that you will not have to touch the doorknobs. If you have a key to one of the other doors, please DO NOT use it, please enter at the main sanctuary doors. The only restrooms that will be available will be the ones in the hall behind the sanctuary. Please refrain from going into the basement of the church, Sunday school rooms, offices, or fellowship hall areas.

2. Once inside the sanctuary you will notice that every other pew will have a sign on it asking you NOT to sit in that pew. If you come with your family, please sit with your family since you can sit close together, and this will leave plenty of space for those who are not a part of your family to stay 6 feet away.

3. The worship service itself will look much different. The service will consist of a time of prayer, song, and message. Those who study this virus (i.e. COVID-19) are asking the churches not to have choir or any congregational singing; therefore, we will have individuals doing the singing and then I will bring the message.

4. Concerning giving, the offering plates will be set up at the back of the church, they will NOT be passed around. Either on your way in or on your way out, if you wish to do so you can place your offering in one of the two plates that will be available on either side of the church.

5. Leaving the church is also going to be much different. The main sanctuary doors will be reopened (so that you don’t have to touch the doorknobs) and you will be asked to start at the back of the church, and one pew at a time exit the sanctuary. Once you have exited the church, you are asked not to linger at the doors of the sanctuary so others can exit safely.

6. We ask that for your own safety as well as the safety of others that you PLEASE WEAR A FACE MASK/COVERING.  We understand this is not comfortable/convenient, but we ask that you please cooperate to be in compliance with the guidelines in place and as a kindness to others who are susceptible to this virus.

Contact: If you have any questions, feel free to call or text Pastor Sampson at (423) 912-2979.  You can also email him at wlbc@bellsouth.net.